Russell Brunson Dot Com Secrets A Honest Review

Earn a 6 Figure Income With Squeeze Pages. Really? That is what Russell Brunson claims. The creator of a new Internet product called Dot Com Secrets X. If you haven't ever heard of this guy. Well, he is an Internet multi-millionaire 20 something from Idaho.

Product Name: Dot Com Secrets X
Producer: Russell BrunsonLaunch Date: January 14, 2012
Type: Training Membership
Price: $1 (30-days trial then $97/mo)

Media coverage: KTIK The Ticket Boise Sports Radio, May 26, 2010 
                             A Potato Gun WTF? Inspired Tony Robbins to promote this guy and get one.

The Dot Com Secrets: The training is divided into 3 phases;
  1. Get Traffic and Sales Fast
  2. Build Your Organic Growth Strategy  
  3. Turn On The Mass Media Traffic.

The 30 day challenge
Each phase is 30 days in duration and provides precise guided coaching including all of the tools, resources, swipes and over the shoulder video tutorials to ensure that you are able to implement what you learn.

Here is a list of what is covered in Dot Com Secrets X in the first 30 days:

Day 01.) Your Squeeze Page and Auto Responder

Day 02.) How to Turn $25 into $240k

Day 03.) Picking Your SLO

Day 04.) Start Sending Traffic

Day 05.) Monitor Results… Rinse and Repeat

Day 06.) Your Free Website

Day 07.) Recap, Hints and Your Email Newsletter

Day 08.) Paid Solo Ads

Day 09.) Big, List, Co-Ops, List Brokers and More

Day 10.) Ad Swaps

Day 11.) Your Bag of Email Tricks

Day 12.) What Do You Send To Your New List?

Day 13.) The 3 C's

Day 14.) The Power of Story

Day 15.) The Review Website

The Second half of  Dot Com Secrets X covers (SEO) Search Engine Optimization

Day 16.) One-site SEO

Day 17.) Off-site SEO

Day 18.) Links to the Links

Day 19.) Launch Piggy Backing

Day 20.) Organic Growth

Day 21.) The Smack Down

Day 22.) Day 22

Day 23.) Your Landing Page

Day 24.) Your Signature File

Day 25.) Providing Value

Day 26.) Creating Your System

Day 27.) Cool Forum Tricks

Day 28.) Message from Your Mentor

Day 29.) I'm Gonna Show You

Day 30.) The Next 30 Days

Iron Clad Guarantee - The $1 Goes To Charity
He has also created other products such as Underachiever Secrets, DotComSecrets Illuminati
I was attracted to the 30 day challenge because it forces you to commit and focus to produce results. One thing that I always look for when testing a product is that it has a money back guarantee. I liked the idea of a $1 trial for 30 days and a zero financial risk. BTW. The $1 dollar doesn't go into Russell Brunson's pocket he donates it to charity.

How to Get Started and Join the Challenge
Joining the challenge is simple and cost just $1 for the first 30 days in the program 

Commission Shortcut - Honest Product Review

Commission Shortcut A New Product Honest Review
Rate 89% Launch date 25th June 2012
Commission Shortcut was just released this week it was created by 2 very smart marketers by the names of Chris Freville and Mike Daniels and the internet is already buzzing.

Both of these guys have done incredibly well online. Chris Freville has actually helped his affiliates make millions of dollars online and he wants to help you too.

Inside Commission Shortcut they are teaching one of their top ways for making money using the internet. What I liked most about the program is that the steps that these guys give the user are easy to use and dummy proof or to put a more politically correct kinder and gentler way. Easy for the average novice computer user to implement.

Interestingly enough this is a strategy that most people don’t actually even use.

Mike Daniels - Product Creator

So what is Commission Shortcut all about?Well, Commission Shortcut teaches people how to make money by giving away amazing content.

Here’s how it works.
You give away top quality affiliate branded reports that are designed to be shared and go viral.
The reports contain your affiliate links so when people end up buying the products recommended within the reports you get paid.
Inside Commission Shortcut they teach you exactly how to get the branded reports out to the masses so that you can start making money with your reports quickly.
The best part is that once your reports get out there people start sharing them for you which means more money in your pocket.
The whole process is really simple to implement and it works.

So what.... Don't I like about the Program?
However, what I don't like about Commission Shortcut is that it has an upsell feature. Which is basically designed for the more complex or advanced Internet Advertiser.

Have no fear there is plenty of money to be made with the simple novice marketing techniques introduced. In my oppinion it probably would be a good idea to start and make money with the simple novice technique first. And when you get better and more advance use the upsell feature and start making money with those techniques.

Another thing I didn't like about the product is that Mike Daniels has only made a limited number of program licenses available for Commission Shortcut.
He claims that it is becuase his team can provide those who invest in the program the best level of service. With all fairness this makes sense because if there were a ton of people making money with the same techniques it would dilute the overall revenue potential.

Home Website Builder 2.0 Six Figures Yearly? Honest Review

Home Website Builder 2.0  Rate 90%

Creating a website yourself can be:
- Painful
- Boring
- Expensive
- Time consuming
- And incredibly discouraging!

With this point and click software Home Website Builder 2.0  will enable you to:

Create as many money making affiliate websites as you want.  Each one should take about roughly only 23 minutes!

No risk? Chirs Ripley says he will give you 60 days, to try it if you like it, money back guarantee. Which is something I thought was very important.

 Home Website Builder 2.0  for the affiliate marketer has many good characteristics.

Here's what I discovered. As an affiliate marketer the hardest part I find is not being able to get a Google search worthy domain name but, to build an ironclad website that will withstand the bombardment of steady visitors day after day.  Not only getting the visitors but to have them come back and visit for at least a second time.

Much to my shock Home Website Builder's software solves many of these problems. You can easily build a sexy niche website. Whether it be about Health, Exercise, Automotives, Cars, Real Estate or Insurance site after site.  Whatever you are passionate about in life. You can build the site much to my surprise in a matter of minutes.

- With NO HTML!
- With NO technical knowledge!
- With NO hair-pulling frustration!

Absolutely! These sites are made for affiliate marketers wanting to promote products for fat commissions. But in order to do that, you need to have a site where people can find you and the products your promoting.

Watch the video presentation.  ==> Home Website Builder 2.0
Decide for yourself if Home Website Builder 2.0 is best for your Affiliate Marketing business model or not. I am sharing this video with you but please be aware that the video was given to me as a PRIVATE INVITE ONLY!! I am not sure why but I believe it was because they only have a limited amount of slots.

Thanks again for reading my review all the best!!

Dusty Crawford.

iScripts turnkey company is a scam?

Rate: 95%
Company: iScripts Turnkey Company
Purpose: 17 unique web based products

iScripts turnkey company is a Scam? Here is an Honest Review.. Their company motto is " Business model in a script.?" That is all a Turnkey Website is anyway very simple it's just a simple script. Well are they a scam? The answer is NO. After long extensive reviews of all their products. They turned out to be a very reputable and dynamic company. They showcase 17 web based products: SocialWare, Easy Snaps, MultiCart, AutoHoster, Backuper, EasyCreate, e Swap, GoStores, Easy Biller, VisualCaster, SupportPRO Support Desk, ReserveLogic, CyberMatch, SonicBB, EasyIndex, EasyWebSurvey, Calgo

-->iScripts SocialWare is a Social Networking Engine. The product goes for $99 it is currently in version 2.2 runs on Windows or Linux computer platforms. It allows you to create your own social network like MySpace, Orkut, Friendster, Linkedin and Facebook. With iScripts SocialWare you can easily set up and manage a social network on your own site and host it on your own servers. This software enables you to create your own branded social network like MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Orkut etc. since the application is hosted on your own server, you have complete control over every aspect of the site. This is an extremely easy way to implement a social network and will get your service up and running in minutes. iScripts SocialWare is for webmasters who would like to bring in large amount of viral traffic to their web site. So of course I continued to review its other products to see if iScripts turnkey company is a scam?

-->iScripts EasySnaps retails at $49.95 it is currently in version 2.0 runs on platforms Linux or Windows. iScripts EasySnaps is an image hosting script with feature-rich web-based image hosting software that can be configured to provide both free and paid (commercial) services. This software will help you create your own image hosting web site in minutes. Its template system allows integration into your existing website by customizing. If you are creating a commercial site, you can also charge your users every month or annually. iScripts EasySnaps supports, 2checkout, Yourpay, Google Checkout and Paypal payment gateways. It is a great product. So the question in the back of my mind was diminishing that iScripts turnkey company is a scam. I said to myself if it was it wasn't because of this particular product.

-->iScripts MultiCart it retails for $99 currently in version 2.2 runs on platforms Linux or Windows. It is a Multi vender shopping cart I found it to offer solutions to online shopping carts it also enables you to have one storefront and multiple vendors for physical or digital (downloadable) products. iScripts MultiCart 2.2 is perfect for dealing with small, independent merchants such asart stores, craft stores, webmaster store, collectibles, antiques, , etc. The store operator provides operational, marketing support in exchange for a commission. Orders are communicated directly to the vendors who can ship the item to the seller. Vendors add products, update prices, upload pictures and ship items to customers. iScripts MultiCart 2.2 also supports credit card processing payment gateways like, Yourpay, Worldpay, Google Checkout and Paypal. It also supports affiliate programs, multiple skins, Catalogue, Easy installer, etc. This virtual shopping mall solution is completely customizable, as the source code is not encrypted.

-->iScripts Autohoster retails for $199 currently on it's first version runs on platforms Linux or Windows. iScripts AutoHoster is an Integrated Management tool for Web Hosts it provides you effective and simple Web Hosting Management functions from domain registration, recurring, site builder to an online helpdesk. You can manage all the aspects of a web hosting business with iScripts AutoHoster. This easy- to- use software manages real-time domain registration, account creation, account management, invoicing, billing, online site building, ticket support and more. All the billing and invoicing is effectively managed by this script, including recurring billing and one time billing. It even comes with an integrated helpdesk and a powerful sitebuilder. You literally can start your hosting business in a few minutes and let your clients make their online presence in an even shorter amount of time.

-->iScripts Backuper retails for $49.99 curently in version 2.1 runs on platforms Linux or Windows it is a system for offering private labeled online backup service to your clients. You can provide the client software for your clients to backup their computer backup to to their drives or your server. if Contact us at they will give you more info or even a demo. When they offered a demo I no longer was asking myself the question

-->SupportPRO SupportDesk retails $99.95 currently in version 3.0 runs on platforms Linux or Windows is a very powerful web -based Helpdesk system for your online established business, handling your customer inquiries effectively and on time must have you constantly worried. SupportDesk is very flexible; one can use it to automate virtually any manual process that needs tracking, routing or managing.

-->iScripts ReserveLogic retails for $99.95 currently in version 3.0 runs on platforms Linux or Windows it is an online reservation script offers an online web based hotel reservation system for service providers at affordable prices. You can buy the software, install it in your server and that's it.

-->iScripts CyberMatch retails for $147 currently in version 1.0 runs on platforms Linux or Windows. iScripts CyberMatch is a turnkey online dating software allows you to start a full fledged dating site in minutes. This script can be used to create your own Dating, Personals, Adult or Matrimonial Site. Features like background check make iScripts CyberMatch very secure and unique. Added features Instant Messenger will bring the site users more closer thereby making your site more popular. Multiple payment gateways are supported.

So, Is iScripts turnkey company a scam?

-- much to my surprise! --

They offer these 4 very valuable Scripts for FREE

-->iScripts SonicBB is offered for FREE currently in version 1.0 and runs on platforms Linux or Windows. Promote your online community with a bulletin board package. iScripts SonicBB is a user-friendly and fully customizable bulletin board software that is compatible with any installed web server/operating system combo with PHP 4.x or higher. SonicBB is designed to meet all your community creation requirements, such as creating, managing and promoting your online community.

-->iScripts EasyIndex is also offered FREE of charge it is a business directory script currently in it's first version 1.0 runs on platforms Linux or Windows. Create professional business directories effortlessly. iScripts EasyIndex can create business directories to be stand-alone or part of an existing web site. Both vertical directories as well as broad geographical directories are supported. The software provides a powerful administrative area to manage users, listing, description, etc. Users can manage their listing and postings any time with or without an administrator's permission.

-->iScripts EasyWebSurvey offered FREE it makes online surveys made easy currently in version 1.0 runs on platforms Linux or Windows. You can Get instant feedback from your existing and potential customers through the use of surveys. iScripts EasyWebSurvey gets you going with online electronic surveys with unlimited question-and-answer methods for data collection, analysis, reporting and feedback from your existing and potential customers about all facets of your products and services .It enables you to create an unlimited number of surveys hosted on your own servers. You can send these out to an unlimited number of respondents, and you can also create professional, multi-page surveys on your web site for market research. EasyWebSurvey allows for different query types: open response, and single and multiple response. In addition, EasyWebSurvey will summarize the results in professional charts.

-->iScripts Calgo also offered FREE currently in version 1.0 only runs on a Windows platform. iScripts Calgo is a very powerful web based calendar system for community as well as enterprise use. It supports unlimited calenders along with added features like event schedulers , event categories etc. iScripts Calgo allows online scheduling , set recurring events, set online alerts and many other features! Share your calendar with all your friends and relatives- iScripts Calgo is very versatile allowing repeating events, all-day events, shared calendars, import/ export support, groups etc.

please go and visit their site today and I will let you be the judge if iScripts turnkey company is a scam or not. You be the judge!!

this has been a review by Dusty Crawford. if you have any comments please feel free to leave a reply. thank you for taking the time to read my review!! best of luck online

Company: Porcupine Online

please be patient review still in progress

Rate: 84% "new review"
Company: Turnkey Pages
Purpose: 56 Niche categories, no drop ship fees, ecommerce

Rate: 89% "brand new review"
Company: Empire Engine
Purpose: eBay affiliate,71 Niche categories, ecommerce, CLICKBANK,
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